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Best Set and Costume Design and Best Lighting Design - Green Room Awards Nominations 2022 
(No Ball Games Allowed)

Top 15 List of Theatre Productions for 2023 - The Age
"the most raved-about production​"
(The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven)

Best Independent Production and Best Composition/ Sound Design - Green Room Awards 2021
(The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven)

Best Direction - Green Room Awards Nomination 2021
(The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven)

Best Composition and Sound Design - Green Room Award Nomination 2021(Alternative Futures)

My Melbourne Arts Top 10 Shows of 2021

(The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven)

Melbourne Global Scholar Award 2019

University of Melbourne 

Cybec Foundation Scholarship 2019

Wallace Foundation Scholarship 2018

Melbourne Fringe Best Cabaret Nomination 2017

Scotsman Fringe First Award 2016
(Daffodils - A Play with Songs)

The Irish Times Top 10 Shows at Edinburgh Fringe 2016
(Daffodils - A Play with Songs) 

Metro Magazine (NZ) Best Debut 2014

(Daffodils - A Play with Songs) 

Auckland Theatre Award 2014

(Daffodils - A Play with Songs)


★★★★★"deserves to be a staple in Australian theatre for generations to come." THEATRE MATTERS

★★★★"Beautifully acted by an excellent cast." ARTS HUB

"Petkovski knows how to steer a strong cast through a tricky script that asks a lot from them – moving from The Inheritance to this show proves what a master he is of big casts and big emotions... At this home of independent theatre, Theatre Works is proving they are the match of any mainstage company with this striking production of Bovell’s latest work." AUSTRALIAN ARTS REVIEW

THE INHERITANCE by Matthew López
★★★★★ Part 1 ★★★★ Part 2
"An extraordinary ensemble performance... no serious theatre lover should miss this epic event." 

★★★★ 1/2
"Director Kitan Petkovski orchestrates the action with supreme grace and confidence, those seven hours flying past. He is able to eke out the moments of hilarity and joy – the play is full of bitchy banter, of filth and sex and debauchery – but he also knows when to silence the room so that a grand and intricate monologue can breathe."

"It’s director Kitan Petkovski who keeps the entire show singing from one act to the next. His work is nothing short of phenomenal. Keeping this freight train moving with the right blend of comedy and drama is no mean feat, but it’s also enhanced by varied and inventive staging. A real sight to behold. The text is rich but it varies so wildly in tone, it requires a very sure hand to ensure it becomes a cohesive whole." AUSTRALIAN ARTS REVIEW

IN THE CLUB by Patricia Cornelius
"Some of the year’s best theatre." THE AGE

"Hot-button theatre." LIMELIGHT 

"Petkovski has singular and powerful vision and is a director from whom brilliant work will continue to emanate." THEATRE TRAVELS

"Blistering, biting and exceptionally well put together. Performances are exacting and the script is sharp. I'm constantly astonished at what can be achieved in that theatre.” TIM BYRNE

BURGERZ by Travis Alabanza

“Director Kitan Petkovski’s visual tableaus are iconic... Hilarious and convicting all at once. Be brave. See this play.” THEATRE TRAVELS

“Temple is a force of nature... daring and provocative.”



“A star-making central performance... It is expert metatheatre. For the third time this year, Theatre Works has another hit on their hands.” AUSTRALIAN ARTS REVIEW


"A powerful, mesmerising and thought provoking piece of theatre that will stay with me for some time." RL SMITH

"Director, Kitan Petkovski, handles sensitive and complex topics with respect and gentleness that allows fragility and openness to come to the fore." ARTS HUB​

QUEEN OF HEAVEN by Jo Clifford

★★★★ 1/2 
"humanistic, life- and soul-affirming." ARTSHUB

“A remarkably perfect work of theatre”
Australian Arts Review

“An inspiring, provocative show” The Age

“A magnificent production” Weekend Notes

“An amazing fusion of theatre, storytelling and ritual”
Stage Whispers

“Unmissable…and will leave you thinking long after you leave the theatre” RMITV

“Never had I been so viscerally affected by a play to the point it altered my psychology. Jesus, Queen of Heaven made me euphoric, and I felt healed"
Tahney Alexandra May

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