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The Hall

By Ro Bright and Pat Irwin
Directed by Kitan Petkovski

"When in doubt, sing loud."


From playwright Ro Bright and director Kitan Petkovski, the team behind the Fringe First Award winning Kiwi heartbreaker Daffodils, comes an intimate and sensitive portrayal of one family’s journey with frontotemporal dementia. Inspired by community Sacred Harp gatherings, The Hall features original songs composed by Pat Irwin (The B-52’s) and is performed by a mass choir comprised of Voices New Zealand and local singers. 


The Greer household is a battlefield, overflowing with ant armies, wine gums and decades of hoarded fashion. Alison’s universe is centred around caring for her daughter Billie and mother Tup. Surrounded by chaos, Billie discovers a YouTube video that sets the trio on a mission to find a choir big enough to make Tup’s eyes pop. 


The Hall brings audiences and choirs together in an immersive environment to tell a ceremonious and frank story about caregiving and unconditional love.

World Premiere
15 - 17 April 2021
Festival of Colour, The Hub

"A powerful and sensitive insight." THEATREVIEW

Community feedback:

“I think being part of this performance is one of the best things I have done in my life - the joy of singing with professional singers was quite overwhelming and that first rehearsal in the church was amazing, such a joy to sing with their beautiful voices, a real life highlight!” - Lindsey


“Music can touch one's heart and soul even when very sick and this play just proves it! I loved the wee details and the humour within the seriousness of the story.” - Loran


“The show is a gentle, real and sensitive deep dive into the love, generosity and exacerbations of 3 generations. It is as much about the normal lives of the carers and community and collateral damage as it is of the person inside the dementia. Communal singing is the lynchpin in the work to opening hearts, togetherness, and reaching through barriers. It is funny, sweet and devastating. The timing, writing and stagecraft is impeccable.” - Robyn


Cast: Timmie Cameron, Serena Cotton and Donogh Rees

Featuring singers from Voices New Zealand and local choirs​

Musical Direction: Steph Brown

Production Design: Jane Hakaraia

Sound Design: Nils Melchert
Costumes: Elizabeth Whiting 
Stage Management: Lucie Camp 
Music consultation: Brian Cavanagh-Strong
Dramaturgy: Caitlin Skinner

Promo photography: Garth Badger

Promo trailer footage: Daniell Flood, Editor: Erin Geurts
Rehearsal photography: Amanda Billing

Supported by Creative New Zealand, the British Council and the Festival of Colour. 

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